Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training can help with stress, anxiety and insomnia as well as many physical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain. It can also improve focus, concentration and generally help us feel better about ourselves by developing strategies to deal with the everyday pressures of life.

Although derived from Buddhist meditation techniques, the eight-week MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) course offers a secular approach to mindfulness and is supported by a large body of evidence-based research showing how practicing regularly can have a significant impact on the way your brain works.

Due to its effect on our overall wellbeing, the MBSR course is being taught in the workplace, in schools, hospitals, prisons and to  MPs in the House of Commons.

By learning techniques to train your attention and increase awareness you can live more fully in the present moment, developing new and creative solutions to difficulties and stress.

I run courses in Central and West London.

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Course feedback

Some feedback from previous course attendees…

“I enrolled on the 8 week course as I was having to deal with a lot of stress at work and at home.   The sessions and the home practice helped me gain a better perspective on things and gave me tools to respond to situations in different ways.”

“The course has helped me to stop and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about the future.”